Let's be Cyber Smart!

"Let's be Cyber Smart" is a project initiated by the Library, Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanjikode to educate our students on how to stay safe online.
Internet is a valuable resource and has high potential in education. We can find information very easily and quickly on the Internet. It is a wonderful place to learn through playing. We can connect with our friends and other people and share our experiences.
Unfortunately, Internet has got its dangers too to offer. Malwares, spams, online predators, identity thieves, false information and other threats are there online. In order to be safe online and to use Internet wisely, it is important to learn about various dangers on the Internet and how to stay safe.

The project aims to

  • Impart student awareness of Internet safety
  • Help the students to identify the dangers on Internet
  • Train the students to evaluate the Internet resources
  • Develop critical-thinking and decision making skills relating to computer usage
  • Educate students on nettiquette
  • Engage the students in using computers and Internet for learning
  • Train them in use of various tools and technology
  • Train and create a group of Cyber Smart Students who will teach Internet Safety to others

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